Types of digital signage solutions

Network servers for digital display allow control of the content displayed on various screens from a centralized and remote site. You can change the content in real-time and display ads instantly. Content, playlists, and programming can also be remotely parameterized by the IP address of the server using any browser. Some systems also allow remote screen activation and deactivation. Since a dedicated video of digital signage supplier in Singapore server is on the same network, camera images, video streams, and hosted content are added with ease.

digital signage supplier in SingaporeSoftware for digital signage

Software for digital signage, or digital signage editors, is the ideal solution if you do not have complete control over the display of content on the screens. This is particularly the case when you are looking for a local interaction (touch, RFID or contact) or in real-time. This type of software allows you to create multiple areas on the screen and easily program the content for each. Also, some features allow you to pause scheduled content to display alerts from a central site. Sometimes digital signage software is associated with dedicated servers or hardware.

Hardware for digital signage

The equipment for digital signage uses AV transmitters and receivers to extend and switch audio, video and USB signals between multiple sources (eg content players) and screen over a wired or dedicated IP network. By connecting multiple transmitters and receivers on a Gigabit network, you can create an AV Matrix and share the content of each source on each connected screen. For simpler configurations, digital signage supplier in Singapore a transmitter and receiver can establish a peer-to-peer (P2P) connection with a CAT5e / 6 cables. Where applicable, the source will be a standard PC with a basic configuration, albeit with a processor and sufficient storage capacity.